Comprehensive Guide: Cost of Construction in Kenya – 3+ Factors, Trends, and Analysis

Construction in Kenya: Understanding the cost of building in Kenya is important to many people. Making your own house is fulfilling, even if it can be stressful. Just like in life, facing challenges makes things interesting.

Doing good research, planning well, and doing things as planned will help make building your home successful without spending too much. It’s important to know when to ask professionals for help and when to do things by yourself. Talking to others who have built their homes and learning from them before starting your construction project is helpful.

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Cost of Construction in Kenya – How to Save at Different Stages

· Foundation

The base of a house is super important for a successful build. It costs about 20% of the whole construction, so getting it right matters a lot because fixing mistakes is really hard.

The foundation holds up the house, keeping it strong against earthquakes and moisture in the ground. Different land slopes make it more challenging to build on some terrains than others.

The soil type affects what foundation you use. For example, black cotton soil needs to be removed until you hit rock. Red soil is easier to work with. The soil decides how deep you dig and what kind of support you need.

· Roof

This is a big cost in building. The cost depends on the roof’s angle, materials, weather, and design.

You can save money with a simple roof design and a lower angle. Steep roofs need more material and are harder and costlier to install. Flat roofs need extra waterproofing, making them pricey too.

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· Walls

You’ll make both inside and outside walls. For outside walls, the type of stone matters.

Different stones have different costs. Stabilized soil blocks or ready-made expanded polystyrene blocks might cost less, but it’s crucial to check and compare prices.

For inside walls, fewer walls can be better. Thick plant hedges can replace outside walls and look beautiful if maintained well.

· Interior Finishes

This is where the costs add up. Painting, floors, ceilings, and bathroom choices affect the final price. Stick to your budget but aim for good quality work.

· Exterior Finishes

Keep the outside simple and easy to maintain. Textured paint with raw stone needs less work. Use plants and flowers for a lovely finish.

Cost of Construction in Kenya – Saving Money Without Compromising Quality

Remember, getting materials in bulk from the right place helps cut costs. Also, use materials wisely to avoid waste. Consider recycling materials for inside and outside design.

In general, a smaller house costs less in all these areas. You’ve got time to improve your home, so start small and get creative! Building smaller and cleverly using space can save money in Kenya and everywhere else.

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