Nairobi, the vibrant capital of Kenya, is about to witness the rise of a modern marvel—the 88 Nairobi Condominium. Standing tall at 44 storeys, this residential skyscraper is poised to redefine luxury living in the heart of the Upper Hill neighborhood.

Location of 88 Nairobi Condominium

Situated along the Fourth Ngong Avenue, this architectural masterpiece occupies a sprawling 1-acre plot, offering a prime address just 3.5 kilometers southwest of Nairobi’s central business district.


Ownership and Vision of 88 Nairobi Condominium

Owned by Lordship Africa, a dynamic real estate investment and development firm based in Nairobi, this project is a testament to the innovative vision of the Lordship Group, a real estate conglomerate with its roots firmly planted in Central Europe.

Overview of the Development

The 88 Nairobi Condominium is set to deliver over 15,000 square feet of rentable residential space and an impressive 18,000 square feet of lush garden space. This promises a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and natural serenity.

Amenities at 88 Nairobi Condominium

Experience unparalleled living with a range of amenities, including a convenience store, a 150-seat branded restaurant, spa and gym facilities, meeting and business centers, three resident bars, a lavish communal lounge, and a heated indoor swimming pool on the 31st floor. The development also boasts parking space for 518 vehicles.

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Luxurious Living Spaces

With a total of 288 luxury condominiums, the 88 Nairobi Condominium offers four distinctive apartment plans, catering to diverse preferences. From the one-bedroom executive plan to the opulent penthouse plans on the 40th floor and above, all units are thoughtfully designed and fully furnished.

Target Clientele

This exclusive development is tailored for the estimated 40,000 executives and corporate employees in the Upper Hill neighborhood. Addressing the lack of executive residential options, the 88 Nairobi Condominium aims to enhance the work-life balance by minimizing commute times and promoting sustainable living.

Construction & Funding

Embarking on this architectural journey required a budget of KSh5 billion (approx. US$50 million), sourced through a strategic combination of debt, equity, and unit sales. Commencing construction in 2018, the completion date, initially set for 2023, has been rescheduled to the first quarter of 2025 due to various construction and material stocking challenges.

Stay tuned as the 88 Nairobi Condominium transforms the skyline, bringing a new era of luxury living to our Nairobi’s Upper Hill neighborhood.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who owns the 88 Nairobi condominium?

    The 88 Nairobi Condominium belongs to a company called Lordship Africa, which is in the business of real estate investment and development. This company is located in Nairobi, and it’s actually a part of a bigger group called the Lordship Group. The main office of the Lordship Group is in Central Europe.

  2. How much will 88 Nairobi cost?

    88 Nairobi is on a big piece of land, and it has 288 very modern apartments that come with services. These apartments have different options: there are 1 and 2 bedroom executive units that are already furnished, 2 bedroom ‘VIP’ units, 4 bedroom duplexes, and fancy penthouse apartments. If you want to buy one before they’re finished, the prices range from Sh11 million (around US$109,010) to Sh30 million (around US$297,300).

  3. What is the tallest apartment building in Kenya?

    88 Nairobi is the tallest residential building in Africa. It’s really tall, standing at 150 meters with 48 floors. The tower has super fancy amenities and amazing views. Inside, you’ll find the best quality finishes and designs that make it really special.

  4. How many floors is 88 in Nairobi?

    44 floors

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