a-frame House Design To build in Kenya -2024

Our A-frame House Design is a special place where modern style meets the warmth of a traditional home. It’s designed to be both trendy and comfortable, creating a space where you’ll feel right at home while surrounded by beautiful views.

A-frame  House Design
A-frame House Design Kenya

Cabin Features

Size & Space:

  • Size: Our cabin is 43 feet wide and 23 feet long.
  • Floors: It has two floors.
  • Total Space: Inside, it’s 1,415 square feet.
    • 1st Floor: There’s a big space downstairs, about 1,010 square feet.
    • 2nd Floor: Upstairs, there’s another space of about 405 square feet.
A-frame  House Design
A-frame House Design Kenya

Inside the Cabin:

  • Rooms: The living room and kitchen are combined into one big space.
  • Bedrooms: You’ll find two cozy bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms: There are two bathrooms.
  • Porches: Enjoy the outdoors with both a front and rear porch.
A-frame  House Design
A-frame House Design Kenya

Our cabin has large windows that let sunlight come inside. This makes the rooms bright and gives you lovely views of the outside. And don’t forget about the porches – perfect for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air.

Upstairs, two bedrooms are cozy and comfortable. And with two bathrooms close by, everything is convenient and peaceful.

A-frame  House Design
A-frame House Design Kenya

Plans Included

We’ve made detailed plans for everything you need to build this cabin:

  • Foundation Plan: It shows how the cabin sits on the ground.
  • Framing Plan: This plan helps you build the structure of the cabin.
  • Floor Plans: There are plans for both the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • Views from All Sides: You can see how the cabin looks from every direction.
  • Electricity Plan: This shows how the electrical parts will be set up.
  • Plumbing Plan: It plans out where the pipes and plumbing will go.
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A-frame House Design

Create Your Dream Home

These plans give you a great starting point to design your dream home. We’ve planned everything out, but you can still change things to make it just how you want.

A-frame House Design

Unique Architecture

Our cabin looks cool from the outside and the design is made for people who like modern styles. It’s a place where modern design meets cozy living.

Start now and turn these plans into your dream home. Make it a special place where you’ll create wonderful memories. Our design is here to guide you to your dream retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the key features of the Modern A-Frame Cabin?

The cabin boasts several distinctive features:
Size & Space: It spans 43 feet in width and 23 feet in length across two floors, totaling 1,415 square feet.
Layout: The cabin comprises a combined living room and kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and both front and rear porches.

2. What does the interior of the cabin offer?

The interior design focuses on comfort and aesthetics:
Natural Light: Large windows allow ample natural light to brighten the space and provide picturesque views.
Cozy Bedrooms: Two bedrooms upstairs offer a serene and comfortable escape, complemented by two bathrooms for convenience.

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